Terms & Conditions


1.1 All payments and deposits shall be made in full at the time of purchase. Monthly payments will be collected at the agreed date between both parties once monthly for a period of 11 months by direct debit.

1.2 Where direct debits have failed to be collected and or are cancelled accounts will be suspended until payment is made up to a period of 21 days where accounts will be terminated thereafter. Members who have accounts terminated due to failed payments will be banned from purchasing further products from The Experience Passport Ltd for a minimum of 12months from the date of termination.

1.3 Voluntary terminations to be made to The Experience Passport Ltd in writing. Cases of voluntary termination may not face a minimum of 12months suspension from purchasing products from The Experience Passport Ltd.

1.4 No refunds will be available.

1.5 All prices stated are in pounds sterling.

1.6 Memberships run for 12months from the date of purchase and will not be automatically renewed.

1.7 When purchasing a gift voucher, the named consumer must contact The Experience Passport Ltd to arrange distribution their Scottish Fishing Passport. Gift vouchers up to the value of The Scottish Fishing Passport may be purchased, where vouchers purchased do not meet the total value, the total value must be paid in full at time of registration.


2.1 Bookings to be made online through The Experience Passport Website and only to be made by a Scottish Fishing Passport Holder.

2.2 Bookings are non-transferable and must only be used by the named passport holder.

2.3 Bookings are on a first come first serve basis.

2.4 Members will only be able to hold a maximum of two booked in their account at any time. Bookings of further fishing will not be possible until there is only a maximum of one booked day in there account.

2.5 The Experience Passport reserves the right to cancel any bookings at any time.



3.1 If a booking has to be cancelled this must be done with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

3.2 ‘No shows’ to booked days may result in the users account suspended for an unspecified time period, not exceeding 12months.

3.3 Booked days cannot be transferred to other passport holders.

Your Data

4.1 The information that you supply will be used by The Experience Passport Ltd to create your Scottish Fishing Passport.

4.2 From time to time The Experience Passport Ltd may contact you with offers, reminders or updates surrounding your membership and other relevant aspects of The Experience Passport.

4.3 The Experience Passport Ltd may at time share your details with third party organisations that we feel are relevant to yourself.

4.4 Your details will be stored for 12months after the last date of your membership with The Experience Passport.

Code of Conduct

5.1 Anglers should always fish upstream of fellow anglers.

5.2 Leave appropriate and adequate space between yourself and fellow anglers. A minimum of approximately 15metres.

5.3 Do not leave litter behind, dispose of litter and used fishing line responsibly.

5.4 Respect the property, access and privacy of those who work or live on or near the fishery.

5.5 Respect other users of the river and riverbank.

5.6 When returning fishing to the water fish should be handled carefully and should not be lifted by the tail. Fish should not be removed from the water. Ensure the fish is fully recovered in the water before it is allowed to swim away. Fish whish have died during this process must be returned to the water.

5.7 When dispatching of fish use approved equipment to ensure the process is as quickly as possible. Always ensure fishery rules permit you in retaining fish. We support catch and release and ask that anglers show restraint in retaining fish and their choice of fishing equipment.

5.8 Fishery rules must always be followed and anglers must fish within the law.

5.9 Where a ghillie is present their decision is final.

Misconduct Proceedings

6.1 If a report of misconduct is made against yourself from another member or third party you will be notified of this in writing.

6.2 Senior management within The Experience Passport Ltd will review the complaint and make an informed decision.

6.3 Penalties will range from temporary suspensions to lifetime bans.

6.4 The decisions of the senior management are final. You will be notified of the outcome in writing. No appeals process is in place.

On purchasing and or registering to The Scottish Fishing Passport, controlled by The Experience Passport Ltd you agree to follow all control measures laid out in The Scottish Fishing Passport risk assessment. Failure to follow the control measures laid out in the afore mentioned risk assessment may result in withdrawal of your Scottish Fishing Passport.

The Experience Passport Ltd (SC609457) or any person or company working on behalf The Experience Passport Ltd shall not be liable for the consequences of delays or restrictions from adverse weather, obstructions, repairs or damage to navigational works, flooding, shortage of water, transportation restrictions, industrial action, war, terrorism, fuel-rationing, shortages of or non-availability of fuel or any other cause and reserve the right to restrict the activity if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail. Neither The Experience Passport Ltd nor any person or company working or assisting on behalf of The Experience Passport Ltd shall be liable for death, personal injury or illness. However nothing in this statement is to exclude liability for death, personal injury due to negligence on the part of The Experience Passport Ltd

By purchasing and using The Scottish Fishing Passport you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, which shall take effect when payments and deposits are made. When purchasing a voucher you are legally bound by these terms and conditions, the named consumer of the voucher is legally bound by these terms and conditions at the time of registration. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the above please do not attempt to purchase The Scottish Fishing Passport or vouchers to be used towards The Scottish Fishing Passport.

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